Transaction Fees?

How can ChoccySwap offer a transaction fee free user experience?

Chromia allows for flexibility in the way that Dapps pay for computational power on the network. In a traditional blockchain such as Ethereum, users pay miners to process their transactions, with additional protocol fees, slippage taxes, etc. being paid based on the coding of smart contracts.

On Chromia, individual Dapps pay the network a hosting fee and then decide how to generate the revenue required to cover the hosting fee. For the foreseeable future after mainnet launch, ChoccySwap will cover the costs required for hosting on Chromia’s network to provide CCY users feeless transactions. As our user base grows and we add additional features, the community will choose how to generate the revenue required for hosting through governance.

Please note that while blockchain transactions will be feeless, all trades will still be subject to a 0.3% fee which is paid directly to LP providers via the protocol (similar to Uniswap and other popular AMM DEX protocols)

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